The Misson Wines estate was originally planted in 1883 by John Crellin and is now proudly owned by the Misson Family since 2015. Our vineyards are located in the heart of the Livermore Valley in the prestigious Ruby Hill wine region. Our grapes are amongst the most coveted in the world. The Misson Wines 36-acre vineyard is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Syrah, and Pinot Noir.

We saw a need for a higher quality wine made with love, dedication, and passion. That is exactly the gap we serve with our wines. 

Our acute focus keeps our quality standards high and our experiences memorable. From all of us at Misson Wines, we want to share our passionate drive to improve your experience with our wines. We regularly meet with our customers and partner wineries to learn new methods of creating a positive experience.

Brief Timeline and History of our Vineyards

Original Purchase and Planting

John Crellin purchased the original property of approximately 450 acres. He purchased 450 acres in the area with the fortune he made in the oyster shell business. 

"Situated in the Livermore Valley proper, but belonging to the Pleasanton township, is Ruby Hill Vineyard, the property of Mr. John Crellin and Sons. The tract contains 450 acres and is named from a red knoll back of the handsome country house. There are 220 acres in vineyard devoted wholly to foreign varieties, which were planted in 1883.".

Crellin named the area Ruby Hill after the red dirt he found on the property. Crellin, who hailed from the Isle of Man off the coast of England, made his first plantings in 1883 and 1884. By the time the vines matured, the winery building was finished.

Winery Construction

1887 - The original grape-growing winery was constructed by John Crellin in 1887, with money made in the oyster trade.  It was named for the bright red soil its vineyards boasted.

Sale to Ernest Ferrario

Crellin's son, Charles, ran the business after his father's death but sold it in 1921 to Ernest Ferrario, subsequently the property went through a number of owners, Prohibition.

1949 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   1949 1949
1958 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   1958 1958
1966 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   1966 1966
1982 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   1982 1982
Sale to Computerland

Computerland purchased the property to develop a business campus. Friends of the Vineyard, a local group, fought to prevent this project and was successful.

Jack Nicklaus Development

A friend and business partner of Jack Nicklaus’ approached luxury home developer Jim Ghielmetti with the idea of building the area’s first-ever Jack Nicklaus Signature Design Golf Course in Northern California.

Shared Vision
Aerial view with Fair Grounds in lower center Pleasanton California

Mr. Ghielmetti approached the Wente Family and shared his vision for the land.

1987 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   1987 1987
Redevelopment Process Begins

Redevelopment process was started to secure all of the government approvals and move forward with the project.

Crellin Winery Fire

The original Crellin Winery was eventually abandoned, and in 1989, burned in a suspicious fire, leaving only a few brick walls standing.

The land was then transferred to the Catholic Church and subsequently to Wente Vineyards.  

Ruby Hill Development
Pleasanton California Home of the Alameda County Fair and Phoebe Hearst Castle

Alameda County approved the Ruby Hill community development and annexed the land into the City of Pleasanton. 

Merlot Planted

Wente Vineyards planted the still current Merlot block while construction of the golf course began with Jack Nicklaus supervising.

2002 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   2002 2002
Cabernet Sauvignon Planted

Wente Vineyards planted the still current  Cabernet Sauvignon block. 

Sangiovese Planted

Wente Vineyards planted the still current  Sangiovese block. 

Signature Development

The current Misson Wines building construction was completed by Signature Properties on the vineyard.

Nagy Family Purchase

Wente Bros sold the vineyard property to the Nagy Family

2010 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   2010 2010
Misson Family Purchase

The Misson Family purchased the vineyard from the Nagy Family

2018 Aerial Photograph
Misson Family Vineyards   2018 2018
Award-Winning Wines
MissionWineA SM2

Misson family produces its award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose of Sangiovese, and Merlot wines

Additional Grape Varietals Added
Misson Wines Grafted

Misson Vineyards grafted a new block of Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Syrah, Pinot Noir, and additional Cabernet Sauvignon

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Misson Family Vineyards Aerial Wedding